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  Message from the President

Happy New Year to you all.

I hope that you have all had a great Christmas and an enjoyable new year.  

2018 promises to be an exciting and challenging year for us all in Underwater Hockey New Zealand with lots to look forward to.

We have a full year of tournaments and on the international front we have our Men's and Women's teams going to the World Championships in Quebec in July and the Trans Tasman's will be held in Rotorua in October.

There are a number of announcements coming in regards to new initiatives so keep an eye out for these over the next couple of weeks.  The first one is about development of Masters Hockey - see the story below.


Masters Hockey

In 2017 Nicole Baker, our Masters Development Officer, has done some great work on the development of the Masters hockey in New Zealand and we are looking to build on this work done with further strategic initiatives.

NZ Masters Teams to Worlds

Considerable interest has been raised in having NZ Masters teams compete again at World Championships.  Whilst we were close in getting sufficient numbers for a men’s team to go to Quebec this year it would now appear that this is unlikely with entries closing mid-February.  

Our focus now moves to the 2020 World Championships, which are likely to be held closer to New Zealand than Quebec, where we are aiming to have both Men’s and Women’s Masters teams attend.

This gives us over two years to plan and build up our Masters teams programme to support these teams and as part of this there are two strategic Masters activities that we are committed to

1. Masters Four a-side tournament

This has been run successfully in Rotorua for the last two years and UWHNZ is committed to supporting this event to:

  • Provide a specific Masters event for some great hockey
  • Provide the opportunity for past player to get back into the game; and
  • Provide an opportunity for planning and training for the 2020 World Championships with those players interested in attending In a very social environment

We are just finalising the pool booking and dates and these will be confirmed shortly for a mid August event.

2. Masters at Regionals

Over the past few years whilst we have offered the Masters grade at regionals tournament there has been insufficient entries for a separate grade thus meaning that Masters players are being deprived from playing at this important tournament.  In order to provide Master’s players the opportunity to play at this tournament we will be offering Masters players that do not make their regional team the opportunity to play in an “Invitation Masters” Men’s or Women’s team and compete in the Men’s or Women’s grade respectively.

This will provide our Masters players with the opportunity to play high quality hockey with players of the similar skill and interests whilst also developing these players with the aim of growing the pool of available players for the 2020 World Championships.

In doing this it is important that we do not impact the rest of the tournament so the following rules will apply:

  1. There will only be one Invitation Masters Men’s team and one invitation Masters Women’s team each limited to 10 players
  2. Selection of the teams will be co-ordinated by Nicole Baker (Masters Development Officer) with the assistance of Rebecca Brosnan and Benson Taylor
  3. These are invitational teams and in no way are these to be considered to be New Zealand representative teams.  They will not be eligible for medals or to play in finals / playoffs.
  4. Only available to those players not selected for their Zone team and confirmed by their respective Zone representative
    • We want the best players playing for their Zone
    • We want to have B teams providing younger players experience playing at this level
    • Those Masters players that represent Zones with B teams and are not selected for the Zone A team, it is our expectation that they will discuss their team preferences with the Zone representative

Entry forms for this years Regionals will be issued shortly

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